What are the support request categories?

When submitting a support ticket you'll need to choose a category to help us triage and make sure the right folks are working with you. We know it's not always easy to lump something into a category, so please let us know if we can adjust them to make it easier.

Lifter Help

Are you a Lifter or do you want to be one? Great! Please use this category for any and all questions, comments, concerns. It'll go straight to our Lifter team.

Workflow Guidance

Are you trying to get Tidelift integrated with your CI/CD tools? Need help as a developer using the Tidelift CLI? Awesome - this is the right place!


The place for all your billing and invoicing needs.

Platform issue

Is something behaving strangely? Getting an error or can't access something that should be accessible? Let us know and be sure to set the appropriate priority so we can get it take care of.

License question

Have a question or see something odd about a particular license in a package? Unsure what something means? We're here to help you understand it.

Package security question

Do you see a CVE that you're having trouble understanding? Does a package have Lifter security mitigation guidance or recommendation that you'd like to dig into? Let us know.

General inquiry

Need something that doesn't seem to fit into any of the other categories? This is the right place.

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