Product changelog

Watch this space for news of changes and how you can best take advantage of new features in the Tidelift subscription!

April 2023

  • We have released a redesign of the API key pages to make it easier to find and manage the API keys associated with your organization
  • We have released a refresh of the quality checks on individual package pages to better highlight relevant checks to your organization by grouping related checks into categories, giving streamlined statuses, and some curation of the checks shown.

March 2023

  • The bill of materials API now supports getting a bill of materials in additional formats including SPDX and CycloneDX similar to what can be fetched from the web UI. 
  • A new report is available to help understand how vulnerabilities are brought into your projects via the Prioritized action report
  • Information on Java libraries from the Google Android Maven repository are now available within Tidelift
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