Using prerelease and beta releases

Using release candidates or releases that are in beta poses a risk to your organization. These releases are still in early days of usage so they may have decreased stability and vetting. With the Tidelift Subscription, you can keep these releases out of your catalog by using the prereleases standard.

How does Tidelift identify prereleases? 

Tidelift identifies prereleases based on the naming of versions. The naming convention for prereleases varies by package manager. This means that something which would be considered a prerelease for a Java package may not be considered one for JavaScript or Python.

Information for specific package managers can be found at:

What happens when a release candidate becomes a final release? 

Once a release candidate becomes a final release, this standard will no longer deny the release. The status of the release will be determined based on the other standards configured on your catalog. 


Creating overrides for prerelease versions 

When a developer requests a prerelease version of a package, you may still want to create and override for this release to be approved in your catalog. 

Overrides can be created when completing a task or by following the steps below. You can view and export all prerelease package overrides:

  1. Navigate to the Standards page
  2. Find the Prereleases standard
  3. Select Manage overrides
  4. Click on "Create new overrides" and fill in the appropriate information
  5. On this page you can view, edit, and add exceptions
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