Tidelift CLI troubleshooting

You may encounter issues or unexpected behavior running Tidelift CLI. Here are some things you can do to troubleshoot, but please reach out to support@tidelift.com with any questions.

  1. Ensure that you are on the latest version of the Tidelift CLI. You can check the current version by visiting https://download.tidelift.com/cli/tidelift-cli.version and compare to the current installed version by running tidelift version. We regularly update the CLI with fixes and improvements. Information on upgrading is found at the bottom of the CLI installation doc.
    1. Skip update checks using TIDELIFT_SKIP_UPDATE_CHECK=1
  2. Ensure that you can reach the Internet from your machine (either developer workstation or CI system). Running curl https://api.tidelift.com/subscriber/healthcheck should include OK in the response (Linux/Mac only)
    • To function properly, the Tidelift CLI requires the ability to access:
      • api.tidelift.com (for using the Tidelift API)
      • download.tidelift.com (for using tidelift selfupdate to install new versions)
  3. Ensure that the Tidelift CLI can access the internet by running tidelift selftest --project test
  4. Ensure that you’re using a correct API key and that the key has not been revoked. The most common case of key revocation is that your trial has ended.
  5. Ensure that your package manager build command is operational. The Tidelift CLI generates a lockfile for any detected manifest if the lockfile is not already present. If alignment fails with Error: Exit status 1, we may be unable to generate a lockfile, due to either a syntax issue with the manifest or an improperly configured build environment.

    To disable the creation of a manifest, set the environment variable TIDELIFT_<package manager>_NO_RESOLVE to 1. This will only upload a raw manifest, and you will not get full insight into your dependencies. Valid values are:

    • TIDELIFT_GO_NO_RESOLVE=1 (do not resolve Go dependencies)
    • TIDELIFT_MAVEN_NO_RESOLVE=1 (do not resolve Java Maven dependencies)
    • TIDELIFT_GRADLE_NO_RESOLVE=1 (do not resolve Java Gradle dependencies)
    • TIDELIFT_NPM_NO_RESOLVE=1 (do not resolve JavaScript dependencies)
    • TIDELIFT_PYTHON_NO_RESOLVE=1 (do not resolve Python dependencies)

    For reference, these are the commands the CLI uses to generate a manifest. If these commands do not properly run in the environment where you are running the CLI, a manifest cannot be created.

    • Python:  python -m pip freeze --local -r <manifest file>
    • Java: mvn -Dstyle.color=never dependency:list -DoutputFile=maven-resolved-dependencies.txt
    • Go: go list -f {"Path": "{{.Path}}", "Main": "{{.Main}}", "Version": "{{.Version}}", "Indirect": "{{.Indirect}}"}, -m all
    • JavaScript: pm install --package-lock --package-lock-only
    • Gradle: gradle dependencies -q
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