All projects package quality report (Beta)

Formerly known as the Tidelift recommendations report.

Prioritize package migration away from lower-quality packages that Tidelift has identified as risky based on criteria such as end-of-life, deprecation, and lack of maintenance. This allows you to more holistically forecast and predict open source risk.

This report can help managers answer the following questions:

  • Which of my in-use packages are not of high quality as determined by Tidelift?
  • Why doesn’t Tidelift recommend this package?

This report contains the following columns:

  • purl: The Package URL for the package.
  • platform: The platform for the package.
  • package_name: The name of the package.
  • tidelift_recommendation: Tidelift’s recommendation status for this package.
  • tidelift_recommendation_reasons: Tidelift’s recommendation for this package in plain english.
  • production_projects_count: The number of projects using this package in production.
  • non_production_projects_count: The number of projects using this package in a non-production environment.
  • direct_projects_count: The number of projects importing this package directly.
  • transitive_projects_count: The number of projects importing this package transitively.
  • project_usage_link: A URL to see which of your projects use this package.
  • package_link: A URL to the package in Tidelift.
  • report_date: When the report was generated
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