Using Atlassian Compass with Tidelift

You can find Tidelift in the Apps marketplace in Atlassian Compass. With the Tidelift integration, you can view your Tidelift data in Atlassian Compass including project information, metrics, and an overview of project health and scanning details.

Setting up Atlassian Compass

Find the Tidelift integration in the "Apps" marketplace and click Configure.


Generate an organization API key in Tidelift (Tidelift -> Settings -> API Key). mceclip1.png

Paste the API key under Tidelift API Key. The Tidelift Team Name can be found in the Tidelift URL. For example, in the URL "" "Acme-Corp" is the team name.

Connecting Tidelift projects

Tidelift projects map to Components in Compass, which can be set up as libraries, applications, or services. In the scenario below, we'll use an application example.

To get Tidelift data about a component in Compass, you need to link the component to Tidelift under Repositories and click where it says "Add the repository where the code is stored for this component".


Next, navigate to the corresponding project page in Tidelift. Select the project URL, for example: "" and copy the link in the URL area in the Applications screen (see screenshot below).

Add a display name in Link text area and any other relevant information in the surrounding text boxes.


Metrics appear

The "Tidelift Overview"

The Tidelift Overview shows project health, scan status, and denied packages. The Denied Packages section highlights the packages your team may need to discuss next steps on. 



If you receive the message "Please wait... We are fetching details from Tidelift" it means you should doublecheck that you have the repository URL set up correctly.

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