Requesting new package releases for the catalog

All new package releases must be requested for inclusion in a catalog. These requests ensure that only package releases that meet your catalog’s standards are approved. This article describes how requests can be made.

Requesting package releases

A new package release can happen at several different points:

  1. From the development environment While a developer is working on a repository, they can use the Tidelift CLI to check for and request package releases that are not currently approved in the catalog.
  2. After a build is blocked With the Tidelift Subscription integrated into a CI/CD pipeline, builds will fail if they use package releases not approved in the catalog. Developers will receive a link to an overview page and they can request approval for these releases from there.
  3. Ad-hoc Package releases can be manually requested at any time from the Catalog > Packages page in the Tidelift web application.
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