Adding package releases to a catalog

Adding a package release to a catalog tells the catalog to calculate whether or not the release is approved or denied for use in your organization’s applications. It also tells the catalog to monitor that release continuously to detect violations of your catalog standards.

Releases can be added to a catalog in two ways:


For any project you have in Tidelift, when a saved alignment occurs, Tidelift generates a bill of materials for that project. Tidelift checks if each release found in the bill of materials is in the catalog your project is aligning with. When a new release is found it’s automatically added to the catalog.

Typically this is the way the vast majority (if not all) of the releases found in your catalog are added.


In some instances you may want to add releases to your catalog that haven’t previously been found in a project’s bill of materials. You can do this through Tidelift’s UI by navigating to a project’s releases page and clicking request release.

Requesting a release tells Tidelift to evaluate the release against your standards and determine if it should be approved or denied. Once a release is requested, it will be continuously monitored for violations of your catalog standards.


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