Tidelift maintainer impact report

Organizations must improve productivity and reduce the risk of vulnerabilities for their development team by continuously improving their dependencies, and avoiding and eliminating bad packages from their software development lifecycle. 

The typical approach to this is to find problems and remove the problems. Our customers use our unique partnerships with upstream open source maintainers to change bad packages to good packages. When maintainers do this, it reduces the amount of risk that our customers are carrying. It also reduces the work our customers must do to re-work bad packages out of their applications.

Tidelift generates maintainer impact reports to show the results of this maintainer work specific to the packages that a customer cares about. We generate these on an annual basis for our customers, as part of the account check-in and review process (see screenshots below). We can also generate these reports as needed on demand, through our regular support ticket flow.

We also deliver an annual impact report that speaks to broad lifter community impact for all customers.

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